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Staff Directory

Foundry Sports Support StaffAll employees of Foundry Orthopedics & Sports Medicine can be contacted at the following extensions.

Dial 1 (401) 459-4001  then the extension of the person you are trying to contact.

Name Title Extension
Mary Brum VP of Operations  107
Linda Parkinson Practice Administrator/Surgical Coordinator   132
Chrissy Medeiros Front Office Manager 118
Kathy Poirier Clinical Manager/ Certified MRI Technologist 112
Mary Letizia Rehab Front Office Manager/ Billing Manager                          130
Maggie Calce Billing Account Management 122
Joanne Patenaude Billing Account Management 116
Bjarke Carstensen Billing Account Management 125
Jennifer King Administrative Assistant/Surgical Coordinator 162
Jessica Alves Center Coordinator of Clinical Education/Physical Therapist Assistant  165
Kyle Anderson PT Clinical Operations Manager/Physical Therapist 144
Matthew Kinne Director of Rehabilitation/Physical Therapist 119
Jessica Ortiz Front Office/ MRI Authorization Coordinator 117
Kelley Graber Front Office/receptionist 133
Paula Toro Front Office/Receptionist 121
Mellissa Costa Medical Assistant 100
Tara Bourassa Medical Assistant 100
Jason Hollandersky  Medical Assistant 100
Laura Rodman Medical Assistant 100
Maria Mureli Medical Assistant 100
Megan Zavota Medical Assistant 100
Erin Blanchette X-ray Technologist 103
Jill Biagetti Rehab/ Fitness Front Office 102

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